4/5 Stars
Ladies Get Paid is a self-help book that helps career-driven women to navigate both the workplace and their personal lives. Claire Wasserman shares multiple case studies of women’s personal experiences in the workplace, from negotiating promotions to complete career changes. Wasserman not only shares other womens’ experiences, she also shares examples of her own experiences. She also divulges into the types of discrimination women can face in the workplace from racial discrimination to being a mother. Imposter syndrome is something a lot of women face including myself, and the book really helped me to realize that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Wasserman shares the do’s and don’ts for sending emails and communicating with clients to ensure professionalism throughout. She also shares advice to women looking for a raise or promotions, and provides tips on how to leverage yourself to get them. 
The book wasn’t an easy and fun read like many other books I’ve read. This book pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone, and taught me so much about discriminations other women face. As a white woman, I didn’t really understand the oppressions women of color face in the workplace, but it really helped me to see these systemic issues with specific examples. I know I can’t understand, but I can be supportive and fight for equality in both the workplace and in society. The book divulges into the struggles women face and provides steps to make those changes in your own life.
Overall, Ladies Get Paid taught me to think critically, to always believe in myself, and to support other women in the workplace. I was able to take tips from the book and apply them into my own life as a career-driven woman. 
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