Hi there!

So, you've landed at Down Money Media. How splendid! We're not just any real estate media company, we're the Northeast's shimmering star.

At our core, our mission is to become the quintessential one stop shop for your real estate needs. Wanna know what being the one stop shop for real estate needs means to us? Well, we’re glad you asked! For us, it means delivering captivating and entertaining content to our viewers; providing unmatched value and exceptional customer service to our clients; and it means thoughtfully curating a high quality compilation of home essentials for our customers.

What's our magic elixir? We’re people centric. The thoughts of our viewers, clients, and customers is the compass that guides our vision.

For example, our products... everything we offer was handpicked with the thought of who would be buying it and how it will fit into their lifestyle. Our high standards and detailed approach to curation means we don’t sell everything, but we wanted to make sure we sold the one thing you needed. Our content… created with our viewers in mind; each pixel, color, and frame thought to be the embodiment of what will resonate. All the things our viewers care about and the fun things they don’t. Our plethora of services… thoughtfully curated to move the real estate industry forward and delivered with the highest level of customer service. Better than industry standard is always our goal!

How did we get our name? Well, “when you're talking real estate, you're talking money down, you're talking Down Money.” Makes sense right?

Why join hands with Down Money Media? We take enormous pride in our ability to meet people and businesses where they are. That’s us, a group of individuals working tirelessly to meet your needs. It’s like working with family… the kind that you like.

With warmth and a twinkle of creativity,

The DMM Team